S.No.  Name of Supervisor Name of Co-Supervisor Title Name of Candidate  Class, Subject, semester  Year

Dr.Sreemoyee Chatterjee

Ecologic-remediation of textile organic dyes using solid waste based biosynthesized iron nanoparticles Anjali Kesarwani MSc MBL semester IV 2021-22

Dr.Charu Sharma

Quorum quenching based biocontrol’s against Pectobacterium carotovorumin plants Athira Vinod MSc MBL semester IV 2021-22

Dr.Ameeta Sharma

A study on associated endophytes and antimicrobial activity of Salvadorapersica Jyoti Singh MSc MBL semester IV 2021-22

Dr.Neha Batra

Potency of Citrus sinensis, Musa balbisiana peel and Psidiumguajavaleaf extract as active compound of non alcohol based sanitizer Renu Kumawat MSc MBL semester IV 2021-22

Dr. Radhika Sharma

Isolation, growth and optimization of chlorpyrifos degrading microorganism using response surface methodology Manvi Namboodri MSc MBL semester IV 2021-22

Dr. Radhika Sharma

Isolation, Growth and Characterization of Chlorpyrifos Degrading Microorganism from Agricultural Soil Khushi Chaturvedi MSc BTE semester III 2021-22

Dr. Anuja Vajpayee

The modulatory effect of Achyranthes aspera against copper sulphate (CuSO4) induced genotoxicity by using Allium cepa Bioassay Nandni Tewatia MSc BTE semester III 2021-22

Dr. Payal Chaturvedi

Utilization of endophytic fungi for mitigation of salt stress in crop plant Pragya Agrawal MSc BTE semester III 2021-22

Dr. Charu Sharma

Optimization of Process Parameters for EPS production by a Bacterial isolate Prerna Vats MSc BTE semester III 2021-22

Dr. Ameeta Sharma

Phytochemical and Antibacterial analysis of Verbesina encelioides L. Muskan MSc BTE semester III 2021-22
11. Dr. Anuja Vajpayee Comparative effects of UV and Thermal Treatments on the Quality of White and Red grapes juice blend Charul Sharma MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
12. Dr. Payal Mehtani Screening and Production of Exopolysaccharides from Bacterial Isolates Indu Yadav MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
13. Dr. Radhika Sharma Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles of Grewia tenax bark extract Juhi Chauhan MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
14. Dr. Neha Batra Formulation and evaluation of hand sanitizer using Psidium guajava and Citrus sinensis extract Nisha MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
15. Dr. Charu Sharma Screening and extraction of quorum sensing inhibitory substances from bacterial isolates. Ruchika Chauhan MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
16. Dr. Ameeta Sharma A study on associated endophytes and antimicrobial activity of Elaeocarpus ganitrus L. Sakshi Patel MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
17. Dr. Sreemoyee Chatterjee
Development of machine learning model for studying antimicrobial drug resistance in
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Snehal Gupta MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
18. Dr. Payal Mehtani Seed priming of Vigna sp. With crude extract and nanoemulsions of endophytic Aspergillus niger Utsha Ghosh MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
19. Dr. Nidhi Gupta Green synthesis of Silver nanoparticles using Annona Reticulata bark extract  Vishakha Sharma MSc MBL semester IV 2020-21
20. Dr. Neha Batra Phylogenetic Analysis of Enzyme Tyrosinase Aparajita Sharma MSc BTE semester III 2020-21
21. Dr. Charu Sharma Effectiveness of handwashing technique using soap Ekta Palaria MSc BTE semester III 2020-21
22. Dr. Anuja Vajpayee
Comparative Impact of Cement Dust on Morphological Characteristics of Rosa indica and Azadirachta indica in
Beawar area of Rajasthan
Meenakshi Jangid MSc BTE semester III 2020-21
23. Dr. Nidhi Gupta BioPython Programming based comparative analysis of Genomic sequences of hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses Mukta Kulshrestha MSc BTE semester III 2020-21
24. Dr. Payal Chaturvedi Mitotic abnormalities inducing potentials of colchicine and fungal extract in Allium cepa root apical meristem cells Preeti Kumari MSc BTE semester III 2020-21
25. Dr. Sreemoyee Chatterjee Use of antiviral herbs for developing drug against corona virus using in silico methods Riya Jiyani MSc BTE semester III 2020-21