guest lecture on “Nanotechnology: Basics, Scope and Applications”

Department of Biotechnology organized a guest lecture on “Nanotechnology: Basics, Scope and Applications”by Dr. Shreya Agarwal, Visiting Scientist at University College of London on 22nd January, 2018.

According to Dr. Shreya nanotechnology have immense scope in the field of medicine and her motivation was to combine the traditional herbal medicine and modern . She talked about various types of nanoparticles. Lecture emphasized on preparation of nanoparticle of plant Cissus quadrangularis and their target delivery to bone cells in fractured bones, ligaments and tendons for repair. She vividly described various methods employed in preparation of CQ extract, gel, hydrogel, phytosomes etc. It was a knowledgeable and interesting lecture and students were highly motivated to work in this field as they could relate to this subject.