Guest Lecture on 3rd August, 2018

  • Guest Lecture

SPEAKER:               Prof. Ashish Bhatnagar,  Department of Microbiology, MDSU, Ajmer

Topic:                      What is Research”.

Date:                           3rd August, 2018

Time:                          10.00 AM

Venue:                        Meeting room

A Guest Lecture on “What is Research” was delivered by Prof Ashish Bhatnagar from Department of Microbiology, MDSU Ajmer. His key areas of research are bioremediation, stress biology, etc. He talked about by what and what not of research and defined research as creation of knowledge. He emphasized mainly on data and knowledge based on facts and truths and not on opinions and perceptions. He also discussed the setbacks of concepts and varied perspectives. He inspired the students by inciting the thought of raising questions and finding answers and utilizing right tools for analysis and right interpretation. Understanding science, classical scientific research and characteristics of research were briefly discussed. He wrapped the discussion with few examples to make students understand the common mistakes that can be avoided with general awareness.