Industrial visit to Saras Dairy, Jaipur on 21st August, 2019


·         Industrial  visit to Saras Dairy, Jaipur


Topic:          A one day visit to Saras Dairy, Jaipur

Date:                           21st August, 2019

Time:                          10.00 AM

Venue:                        Saras Dairy, Jaipur


A one day industrial visit to Saras Dairy, Jaipur was organized on 21st august, 2019, Wednesday by Department of Biotechnology for B.Sc. sem V(Biotechnology & Microbiology) students. It particularly focused on not only empowering our students with the most recent and current trends in the field of Milk microbiology but also with the basic techniques and methods  involved in processing and manufacturing of milk products.  As told to students, The Dairy plant handling capacity is 1.5 lakh ltrs. per day with the facilities to pack milk, ghee etc., Its main products are Ghee, Liquid and powdered Milk, Srikhand, Paneer, Chhach. etc. Students took keen interest in the visit.

In This visit 41 students visited and they were accompanied by two faculty members from the same department. Over all it was a very learning experience and students were looking forward to more of this type of visits.