Stall in Bazaar on 17th -18th September, 2015

  • The 4th Bazaar on IIS campus 17th -18th September, 2015

Impressive! Perhaps it was not a coincidence that, The Bazaar on IIS campus by E-cell (NEN) scheduled to be held for two days on 17th -18th September, 2015. The objective of the event was to promote and instill entrepreneurial skills amongst the students. Students and faculty from all the departments of the university participated with lot of enthusiasm and ran their stalls of nutritive snacks and drinks, innovative detergents, recycled and paper mash articles and many more with least drag-and-drop. In short, the initial selection and screening of the team to put stall was done at the departmental level by the departmental Head. Department of Biotechnology had put up a stall –AAMCHI THADI. The Student/faculty team was required to sell their idea/product/service which should be in sync with the department. The profits generated would also be kept by the teams which invested. The ideas and stalls which stands out, adds a new entrepreneurial level and one can vouch that it has worked wonderfully will be awarded on the last day in various categories like- Most innovative business concept, business venture, Star, Campus company, Best decorated stall and Best theme. In conclusion, the event on the first day was good and on par with the expectation.  It was a decent event and still on second day offers enough opportunities to first time entrepreneurs.